The Different Types of Wooden Front Doors

If you are considering installing wooden front doors on your house, you will have many choices. The wood that is used for these doors has distinctive grains that lend themselves to staining. Alternatively, you can also opt to paint them. There are many benefits to this method, including unlimited color choices and personalization. Here are some of these options:


Alder wooden front doors are a great choice for any home’s front entryway. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes and have an even texture. This type of wood is great for finishing and accepts different stain types and paint colors.


ThereĀ wooden front doors are many different wood types to choose from for your front door. For example, there are oak, red oak, and cedar. Red oak has a more open grain and tends to have a deeper red color. White oak, on the other hand, has a lighter tone and a tighter grain. Walnut is considered to be a North American wood and has spiral-like patterning.


Walnut is one of the most popular choices for front doors and has a wide range of features. This wood is beautiful and durable. It can complement almost any style, ranging from modern to traditional. The beautiful grain patterns and color variations make walnut a timeless choice. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance.

Cedar filling

If you are looking to replace the wood in your front door with a new one, there are many benefits to using cedar as a filler. Cedar is the strongest type of wood available, and contains natural preservatives that repel moisture, insects, and fungi. It also doesn’t warp or rot over time. In addition, cedar is a non-threatening species of tree, meaning it is harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Alder wood

Alder is one of the more affordable types of hardwood for wooden front doors. Its warm honey color makes it a stunning choice. This wood is also highly resilient, making it ideal for exterior doors. However, it is important to note that alder is not as strong as other hardwoods, which can cause it to get dented easily. To prevent this, alder must be properly sealed and dried.

Walnut filling

If you’re looking to upgrade your front door from the traditional wooden option, consider putting a walnut filling in it. This wood is very strong and goes well with medium to light brick or stucco. The Walnut filling will also improve the appearance of your home.

Cedar wood

If you’re looking for a stylish, long-lasting wood for your wooden front doors, consider cedar. Cedar is known for its high level of workability and fine-grained texture. This makes it an excellent choice for carving, moulding, and more. While the wood is highly durable, it can also be prone to loosening when exposed to prolonged active use.