Wood Doors For Your Front Entry

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a home, or simply adding a bit of style to your existing home, wood doors can add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your home. Whether you are looking for a traditional style door, a contemporary look, or a wood front door that is a perfect complement to your home’s architectural style, you can find what you need from a variety of suppliers.

Wood doors come in a variety of species and are easy to customize. They are available in standard sizes, which will allow you to have your door built to fit your doorway. You can customize your wood door with the trim, molding, and hardware that you prefer.

The first step to choosing the perfect wood door is to learn about the various species of wood. These species vary in size and type, and each offers unique qualities. You can identify each species by its wood grain. ThereĀ wood doors are a number of comparison charts available at lumberyards that allow you to compare the grain patterns of various woods.

If you are going to use a wood door for your front entry, you should choose a hardy species of wood. The wood should be able to withstand all weather conditions. Woods like mahogany, maple, and walnut are known for being durable and weather resistant.

Mahogany is a very hard and dense wood. It is the most common wood used for doors. Because of its durability, it is an ideal choice for outdoor use. However, it can be quite expensive, depending on where it is grown.

Maple wood is similar to walnut, but it is lighter in color. It can lighten in color over time, and it works well with tinted stains. Maple wood is also naturally weather resistant.

Hickory is a medium-grained wood that is highly durable. It is strong and has some knots. It is also a good option for a front entry door. However, painting it will reveal some of the knots, and will defeat its purpose.

White Oak is a wood species that is highly resistant to moisture penetration and wood rot. It is also very attractive. It features light tan coloring with yellowish undertones.

The durability of a wood door depends on its type, and its placement. You should also consider the type of finish you want for your door. The type of finish that you choose will have different upkeep requirements. You can choose a natural finish, or a painted finish. Paint is a less expensive option. However, the finish should match your other design elements.

Wood doors offer privacy and can give your home an elegant, classic look. They can also be designed to match any home’s architectural style. They are also a great choice for college dorms, apartments, and senior living facilities. They can provide sanctuary for noisy teenagers and reduce traveling noise.

Wood doors can be stained, painted, or polished. The finish on your wood door should match the style and colors of your window and hardware. You can also choose wood doors with windows, transoms, and other decorative panels. The finish will also protect the wood’s appearance.