Graham Graham – Chief Investment Strategist at Exponent Investment Management

Graham is Chief Investment Strategist at Exponent Investment Management

With over four decades in the Canadian and global markets, Graham offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. He began his career on Bay Street, working with the Royal Trust, then became a Senior Vice President and then Chief Investment Officer for a major money manager in Canada. Now, he serves as Chief Investment Strategist at Exponent Investment. Before he joined Exponent Investment Management, Graham coined the term “portfolio engineering,” and has used it to create risk adverse portfolios as well as ESG-based portfolios.

Graham has over 25 years of experience as an investment strategist, and has managed over $100 billion of assets. His career spansĀ macro-investing, quantitative investment, and discretionary investment management. He holds a B.S. in Finance from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. He also worked in the lending division of The Boston Company.

Exponent Investment Management is Ottawa’s largest fee-based financial advisor firm

The fee-based financial advisors at Exponent Investment Management specialize in transitioning professionals into a more passive income stream, focusing on global focused and derived companies. The firm recognizes that true volatility protection comes from diversification across a range of sectors. Therefore, it helps its clients prepare for changes in these sectors and doesn’t hesitate to shift money to cash when headwinds are brewing.

The fee-based financial advisory firm offers a broad range of financial planning services. The team offers a client-centered approach and has extensive experience. This is a top-ranked firm in Ottawa. The firm’s founder, Kevin Potvin, is an expert in retirement planning. He believes in a long-term strategy and steers away from market timing methods. In addition, he welcomes new clients and wholesale representatives.

Fee-based financial advisor firms are often referred to as “advice-only” advisors in Canada. This means they don’t accept commissions from product vendors. This reduces conflict of interest that can occur when financial advisors sell products.