What is the best business structure for a moving company?

When you’re relocating your business or home, you need to rely on a moving company that can deliver the services you need for your unique situation. You may have a specific list of items to pack and move, or you may simply need a moving van that can transport the contents of your entire home from one location to another. In the latter case, you’ll need a company that can provide storage as well. The best moving companies also offer additional services, including client onboarding, which can help ensure a smooth experience for all involved.

The six best moving companies serve a wide range of clients, from those who require local services to those with international relocations. Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses, but most are able to meet the needs of most customers.

IMRG’s list of the top movers includes both national and regional companies that operate in many states and regions. Some are organized as franchises, while others are part of a cooperative. Then there are the independent companies that can serve a specific geographic area within a state or region.

In general, a local mover is less expensive than a national or regional one. That’s because a local mover typically uses its own trucks and equipment instead of those belonging to the parent company. This can keep overhead costs down, which in turn allows it to offer competitive pricing.

To get a quote from a moving company, you’ll need to take a complete inventory of your items. Then you’ll need to provide a description of each item and the estimated number of boxes and other items. In some cases, a mover will charge based on the volume of your shipment. Other times, it will charge based on the weight of the items.

You’ll also need to understand the terms of your moving contract. A bill of lading will outline your agreement with the moving company. It will include the estimated charges, pickup and delivery dates, and other details. It’s important to read it carefully. If you have any questions, ask the moving company for clarification.

The top mover for interstate moves is AVL, which offers a comprehensive service package that includes packing and unpacking. Its movers undergo extensive training and must pass a background check before becoming employees. The company provides a month of free storage, and it has a number of military and senior discounts.

In addition to its excellent customer ratings, IVL is one of the few movers that offer binding estimates. Binding estimates allow you to lock in your final moving cost, which helps avoid any surprises on the day of your move. The company also follows the 110% rule, which states that if your actual moving costs exceed 110% of the non-binding estimate, the mover must delay demanding payment for 30 days.