Work Alone Tracking

Work alone tracking is the process of monitoring employees’ locations and lone workers’ safety. It provides peace of mind for employees and employers by enabling them to know that their lone workers are safe in case of an emergency.

The term ‘lone worker’ is used to describe people who work work alone tracking by themselves without supervision, usually in industrial or healthcare settings. These people can be exposed to risk and may require extra training.

A lone worker can be anyone who works by themselves at any time, such as nurses, railway workers, delivery drivers and construction workers. These individuals are at a higher risk of injury and death than others who work in close proximity to other people.

Employers can monitor a lone worker’s location in real time through GPS tracking or other two-way communication features. These technologies allow companies to know when a lone worker is in a designated area or building and can even send alerts when they enter or leave a certain area.

These systems use GPS technology to locate a person’s exact position and can be set up to track their movements both indoors and outdoors with great accuracy. They can also be based on cellular networks, satellite data or beacons transmission.

Real-Time Indoor And Outdoor Tracking

In order to ensure the safety of lone workers, businesses need a way to determine their precise locations at any point in time. The most reliable method for this is by using a device that transmits the position of an employee to a central hub.

This location is then displayed on a map, allowing the business to see where the employee is at any moment in time. This makes it easy for staff to locate their lone worker in an emergency, and enables them to contact someone else to help them if necessary.

The app also uses local cell towers to pinpoint the employee’s location in non-GPS mode, which uses their phone’s GPS to update their position automatically. This is a more cost-effective way to monitor their location when they are in remote areas, where Wi-Fi is not available or the GPS signal is weak.

Unlike other lone worker tracking solutions, StaySafe’s system allows employees to decide when their location is visible to their employer. They can choose to have their location tracked whilst they are in a period of lone working within the app, or when they activate the panic button on the StaySafe app. At the end of each lone working session, their GPS tracking will stop.

They can also choose to have their locations tracked in Privacy Mode, where they can only show their location in an emergency or when a panic button is activated.

It is important to note that lone workers are at a higher risk of being injured or killed in an emergency, so it’s crucial that they receive regular health and safety training. This will help them to understand and recognise any risks, and how to manage them if they occur.