Holosun 507c Red Dot Sight Review

Holosun 507c is the latest red dot sight to hit the market from a brand that’s already earned the approval of competitive shooters. Outfitted with the company’s advanced Competition Reticle System (CRS) the 507 Comp is designed to offer shooters a variety of precision options encompassing a 2 MOA dot, 8 MOA ring, 20 MOA ring and a 32 MOA ring in various combination sizes.

The 507 Comp is also incredibly durable and features a new CR1632 battery compartment that makes it easy to change the battery without ever needing to remove the sight from the gun. The company claims the new design will help extend battery life to 50,000 hours.

Another great feature of the holosun 507c Comp is its auto-adjusting brightness setting. The reticle automatically adjusts to the ambient light conditions making it ideal for use in dimly lit indoor shooting environments. The auto brightness mode can also be shut off if preferred.

Changing between manual and automatic modes is a simple process. The scope comes set to auto but can easily be switched to manual by holding the plus button for three seconds. Similarly, to get back to the auto mode the plus button must be pressed again for 3 seconds.

Moving through windage and elevation adjustments is a breeze and the 507c offers 1x magnification with parallax-free sighting. The company’s patented anti-reflective lens and multi-coating technology provide an impressive optical performance, even in low-light conditions. The 507c also boasts a host of other cool features including auto-off, auto-adjusting brightness (that you can shut off), dual power via a solar panel on the top of the optic, and multiple reticle options.

I put the 507c through a range of shotgun loads. Zeroing was a breeze and the scope held zero throughout a variety of different buckshot loads. I also tested the 507c in the rain and in a dusty environment. The 507c performed well in both conditions and showed no signs of deterioration over the course of my testing. I even dropped the optic from shoulder height and it remained functional. Holosun has definitely built a tough optic that can stand up to the test of time.

The Holosun 507C Red Dot Sight is a game-changer in the realm of pistol optics, offering shooters a blend of innovation and reliability. Renowned for its precision and durability, this sight transforms aiming experiences.

Featuring a 2 MOA dot reticle, it ensures a crisp, clear aiming point while allowing for quick and precise target acquisition. Its versatility extends with a circle-dot option, catering to various shooting preferences. The sight’s robust construction, crafted from durable materials, ensures resilience against recoil and environmental challenges, guaranteeing consistent performance.

Incorporating advanced technologies like Shake Awake and solar fail-safe, the 507C optimizes functionality. The Shake Awake feature conserves battery life by activating the sight upon movement, while the solar fail-safe ensures continued operation even in low-light conditions.

Simple installation and user-friendly controls make it accessible for shooters of all levels. Its reliability and high-performance capabilities make the Holosun 507C Red Dot Sight a top choice for those seeking improved accuracy and efficiency in their pistol optics, elevating shooting experiences to new heights.